About Us

Port Living Company, LLC., often referred to as PLC, is the parent company to concrete brands; Culinarium & Zeitgeist Factory. Founded in December of 2011 by Annastasia & Jordan Castro from what was an idea to solve a need. Jordan obtained a degree & background in Concrete Project Management while having a love for cooking. Annastasia holds an HR degree with a passion for design & entertaining. The husband and wife duo collaborated to develop a curated set of products for the kitchen + home. Pieces included anything from coasters to salt + spice cellars to anything in between. Once these products resonated amongst family & friends with such a favorable response, they created a suite of goods for sale online.

Today, Annastasia & Jordan continue to design and produce small batch concrete products for their two brands that are sold in stores and online world-wide. In addition, they also offer concrete manufacturing and provide private label work for company clientsl All manufacturing is currently done in a former textile mill, along the Saco river in coastal Maine. Whether handcrafting an order for a boutique retailer or processing a larger purchase order to be shipped across the country via freight, their facility is ready to scale up or back at any given time. When you see concrete products in the marketplace today... they very likely were crafted at PLC!