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The Home Issue

Beautiful Concrete Coasters That Help Elevate Your Living Area

Beautiful Concrete Coasters That Help Elevate Your Living Area

Every home needs a good set of coasters! From protecting tables to catching spills, adding a little extra height to decorative objects or adding to the visual appeal of a dinner table, coasters are simply a must. Unfortunately, most coasters have a short lifespan for two primary reasons. First, the materials they are made of aren't very durable on their own and, second, the jobs they are designed to do greatly accelerate their deterioration. That's simply how it's been and most of us have come to accept it.

Better Materials

Getting a coaster that's going to last a long time means rethinking the materials used to make them. Port Living Co. delivers a unique twist with polished concrete coasters. Available in three shapes (classic round, minimalist square, and intricate hexagon), we have designs that are sure to please anyone regardless of preferred style and taste. Our concrete mix, which is devoid of harmful chemicals and comprised of recycled materials, yields coasters that are much more durable than those made from glass, wood, or paper products. The sealed surface helps prevent liquid stains and makes the coaster itself more scratch resistant. The underside features a sturdy layer of cork that helps to keep the surface below safe and in pristine condition.

Better Design

The three unique designs we offer aren't just for style: they serve functional purposes as well. The concrete hexagon coasters, for example, are uniquely able to draw moisture from the bottom of a damp cup as well as prevent drips and spills as it is picked up and put back down. The sealant used for the square and round concrete coasters helps with absorbency. Every element of the coasters’ construction is carefully considered to ensure they hold up to every task with excellence and looks good in the process.

Another quality that makes polished concrete coasters an excellent addition to your home is how easy they are to clean. Gently wiping them with a wet cloth will take care of just about anything you need to remove. There's no need for special care instructions, soaps, or cleaning agents. 

Better Function

Coasters aren't rocket science, but that doesn't mean they need to be dull and disposable. Once you get your hands on our concrete coasters, you'll notice right away the difference they make. The weight they have makes them feel more substantial, they have the same visual appeal and elegance of other stonework home products, and despite being less than an inch in height they have a significant presence on any table or in any room. It's no exaggeration to say that the right coasters can really change the appearance of a room.

Whether you want to use these luxury coasters to keep flat surfaces nice and dry or to help decorate your home, you'll find that the concrete mixture used by Port Living Co. is everything you want and nothing you don't. Make the switch today and buy a set of polished concrete coasters.

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Unique and Durable Housewarming Gifts

Unique and Durable Housewarming Gifts

When a loved one moves into a new space, it is often customary to present them with a housewarming gift. When you do this, you are actually continuing a long tradition that is practiced in probably all cultures, not just the US. Some say that the practice in America dates back to Christopher Columbus himself. By providing one of these housewarming gifts, you are wishing the new homeowners prosperity and blessings.

Finding the right housewarming gifts can be overwhelming whether you’re shopping for your friends, your boss, or other members of the family. The default reaction, of course, is to play it safe. This results in the same gifts being given over and over again. Let’s take a look at some unique and durable housewarming gifts to bring your loved ones luck in their new home!


Impress Your Friends with These Housewarming Gift Ideas

Determining the best housewarming gifts can be tricky in itself. You not only have to consider what you think the new homeowners can use, but you also have to second-guess the possible gifts that others will bring. Here are some tried and true options they’re sure to love.


Modern spice storage – How about this unique spice storage that resembles apothecary tubes? They are a unique addition to any kitchen and your hosts have probably not seen anything like them before. They also become an instant conversation starter, which is handy at parties or gatherings.








Baked goods – Make sure that the hosts do not go hungry by taking the time to bake or pick up fresh baked goods as a gift to bring to the housewarming party! It’s a fairly easy gift to prepare, too – all you just go to the local bakery and stuff a basket full of bread and other goodies. Your loved ones will appreciate the sweet treat, and the time it may save them cooking!


Concrete candles – In terms of gifts, scented candles are a classic. Consider putting a little twist on them! How about gifting hosts with candles made within a beautiful concrete holder? The Lowcountry Tabby Candle votive is made from recycled concrete and adorned with exposed shells. The aroma is similar to Charleston in springtime. It makes a beautiful addition to any home.


Potted plants – You can’t go wrong when giving a new homeowner potted plants. While you are keeping traditions, why not give a money tree as a gift? In Feng Shui, the Guiana Chestnut or the money tree promotes abundance and prosperity to the house inhabitants. Another advantage of this type of plant is that it’s very low-maintenance. Even someone with no idea about plants is unlikely to kill it.


Concrete Cellar & Salt Set – This gift set is perfect for any modern kitchen. It features clean lines and a glossy finish, and you receive a bag of hand-harvested rock salt from Atlantic Saltworks, which only harvests salt from the historic seabed of Gloucester, Massachusetts.


If you’re looking for unique and beautiful housewarming gift ideas, keep our options above in mind. You’re sure to find the perfect housewarming gift in no time.

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5 Unique Personalized Gift Ideas For Every Occasion

5 Unique Personalized Gift Ideas For Every Occasion

Do you have a summer work party or friend’s wedding coming up? A common struggle people have is finding a simple statement gift to leave a lasting impression. At Port Living Co. we live to give you a reliable solution to finding the perfect gift for any occasion that will show you care. We put together this gift guide filled with personalized ideas of what you could do for your friends, family and colleagues.

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